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Przedszkole Publiczne w Kraczkowej, Kraczkowa, Poland

As we are starting now our journey through lands of Maths and Arts we would like to introduce ourselves.

Our Kindergarten is located in Kraczkowa.

Kraczkowa is a village located in south-east part of Poland in Podkarpackie region very close to Rzeszow - capital of the region - city of 180 000 inhabitants.

Kraczkowa belongs to Łańcut commune (Gmina Łańcut), Łańcut commune is a part of Łańcut County (Powiat Łańcucki) and Łańcut County is one of counties in Podkarpackie region (Województwo Podkarpackie)

Kraczkowa has 3 600 inhabitants. It is located nearby Łańcut - beautiful city of 20 000 inhabitants with its famous palace. As we are in the very south-east part of Poland we are only 100 km from Slovakia to the south and Ukraina to the east.

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